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Hird fit to coach against North Melbourne

  • Hird fit to coach against North Melbourne

James Hird has confirmed that he is feeling great and fit to coach against North Melbourne on Friday night. Hird suffered a heavy concussion on Monday evening, coming off his bicycle while riding home from training in some rather undesirable weather. He was admitted to the Alfred Hospital where he stayed under observation overnight and was discharged Tuesday morning.

Hird confirmed he is not feeling any effects of the concussion and is ready to move on. However, it seems like the incident has created a reason to smile at Tullamarine. While a heavy training session on Wednesday prevented any hazing from the players to the Head Coach, that didn't stop one particular player taking to twitter to have a joke at the Coach's expense.

The comedy from Winderlich didn't stop there, as this tweet created a short but amusing conversation between himself and Essendon Executive Assistant, Sue Anderson, showing that not only is there plenty of humour at Tullamarine, there is also plenty of love for the embattled coach.

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