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Dempsey's the man

  • Dempsey's the man
  • Dempsey's the man
  • Dempsey's the man

Essendon half back Courtenay Dempsey surprised and pleased a host of fans on social media by an impromptu Twitter session where he got right in there and chatted away for just about the whole day. He discussed anything from console games, family, non-AFL sport interests, his role in the team, teammates and of course, the coach.

It all started when Dempsey took to social media to defend close friend and ex-teammate Patrick Ryder who was receiving some rough treatment from the Essendon fans on Saturday night. Dempsey kicked off by retweeting a tweet that questioned why Ryder was being treated as he was.

 What happened next was beyond what anyone had expected. When that thought was challenged, Dempsey responded with grace and logic

Dempsey continued to point out the inconsistency between the cases but it wasn't long before the conversation took a friendlier and more exciting tone. Here are a few of the highlights:

When asked about his role at the club and potential move up forwards:

When asked about Jake Carlisle:

When asked about his aspirations at Essendon:

All important cake:

That back-heal against Gold Coast in 2014:

His phone's battery status:

Modest about his outstanding VFL game:

Family past times and every parents problem (they hurt!):

James Hird:




His dedication to the fans:

The famous "We Are Essendon" chant:

Eventually his partner Danielle got in on the conversation:

Jobe Watson:

His dream car:

His actual car (he does own that Monaro too):

And his final word:

What a fantastic effort.

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